UniNewcastle wants three women to champion STEMM

There are three women in STEMM (the last M is for medicine) chairs going at the University of Newcastle.

They are open to full professors already at the university who are, “recognised for their expertise and leadership and will champion the cause of gender equity for women in STEMM”.

The university committed to the positions in in its application for a Bronze institution award, (to be announced this year) as part of the Athena SWAN Science in Australia Gender Equity programme.

“These women will be role models. Their career achievements will inspire others to fulfil their career goals and to aim high,” outgoing vice chancellor, Caroline McMillen says.

The university has an exemption from the NSW anti-discrimination act.  In 2016, the University of Melbourne created three continuing positions in maths for women and last year allocated five lectureships in engineering to be filled by women (https://campusmorningmail.com.au/news/melbourne-reserves-engineering-lectureships-for-women-not-many-but-they-matter/ CMM March 8).


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