Uni Wollongong Senate defies VC on Ramsay western civ degree

The course will go ahead but the peak academic body isn’t happy

The University of Wollongong’s Academic Senate met yesterday and adopted a motion opposing the way university management fast-tracked its Ramsay Western Civilisation Centre funded degree, scheduled for next year. Vice Chancellor Paul Wellings ticked the degree in January, under a rule allowing for approval of courses outside standard procedures, which have a “demonstrated benefit to the university” (CMM yesterday).

However, the senate, “objects” to the approval process in relation to the BA Western Civilisation. It also calls for consideration of the fast-track, as part of a planned review of course approvals.

But while the objection passed with a two-to-one majority this does not reverse Professor Wellings’ approval of the degree.

Late yesterday the university advised, the resolution “has no impact” on the university’s partnership with the Ramsay Centre. “The vice chancellor and executive remain satisfied that the application of the fast track approval process for the Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation met current policy requirements.”

Even so, “this is very big news, a real victory for transparent academic processes at our university,” a learned reader says.


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