Uni Wollongong jobs for western civ true believers

Uni Wollongong is hiring staff to teach its Ramsay Western Civ Centre funded degree

The university is advertising for an associate/ full professor and two lecturers to teach its BA Western Civilisation, which will start next year. The jobs are offered fixed term from January 2020 to December ’27, however, “it is anticipated that funding under this partnership will extend considerably beyond its initial eight-year period, and that all of these positions will be extended accordingly.”

UoW adds “the partnership” with Ramsay will fund six more staff, to be appointed 2020-21.

Applicants for the initial three positions, “should have strong liberal arts or humanities credentials with a relevant background in philosophy, possibly coupled with literature and/or classics and/or religious studies.” They should also “aspire to producing world-class research.”

And they will “actively participate” in “governance activities including promotional and professional engagement,” – which may mean talking to members of the academic senate, who opposed the fast-track approval process management used to ensure a 2020 start, and to members of the National Tertiary Education Union – the campus branch was considering going to court, arguing the approval breached process.

The university has only advertised following university Council invoking its legislated authority to approve the degree, last month, (CMM June 25).


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