Uni Wollongong graduations: bigger and later

People due for a ceremony last year will to wait a bit longer

Live and in-person graduations scheduled for July 21-23 were postponed  last Friday, soon after the state government extended the Sydney lockdown, which includes Wollongong, until July16. “Public health orders beyond this date (are) undetermined,” UoW stated – which sounds like the university fears it’s a mortarboard to a brick that the lockdown will last longer.

Bad news for new grads but way worse for those whose ceremonies were postponed last year. And when graduations do occur Uni Wollongong wants to hold them off campus, in either the WIN Entertainment Centre or WIN Stadium to ensure COVID-safe seating.

Nothing says academic grandeur than a 22 000 capacity stadium or 23 000 seat footy-ground but at least there will be plenty of room for graduands’ guests.