Uni Tas “long-term sustainable” says VC

Management seems pleased with the 2020 result

“With the collective efforts of everyone (the university) delivered on our strategies, lived within the financial guard rails, met a better than break-even result and beat our cash target,” a staff presentation states.  With savings made exceeding a $28.7m decline in international revenue, the university had a core operating result of $2.7m.

And with around 200 staff gone through VRs and early retirement, VC Rufus Black appears positive about the future for the survivors.

“What we have been doing over the last 12 months is making ourselves more long-term stable. … we are at the size we want to be, we are at a long-term sustainable size,” he told ABC Radio in Hobart, the other day.”

With enterprise agreement negotiations this year a learned reader wonders how long management talking up finances and not crying-poor will last. “Staff gave up a 2 per cent pay rise during COVID-19 last year (CMM June 24) they will want something in return for that sacrifice.”