Uni Tas city move a (very) hard sell

COO David Clerk rebuts rumours about the CBD move

Writing for the university’s website, Mr Clerk states the relocation is about, “financial sustainability so that we can fulfil our mission to provide quality higher education to the most diverse range of Tasmanians.”  And that it is necessary is the Commonwealth’s fault, “when universities need to upgrade facilities or build new infrastructure, we have to fund it ourselves, “ he adds.

Mr Clerk assures readers there are no hidden agendas but acknowledges “we know we need to work with Tasmanians who care about the university to ensure that people better understand this change.”

That he also felt the need to state, “the university does not have any foreign ownership,” demonstrates just how much understanding U Tas needs to create.

The city move will take years to complete, which is good – U Tas needs a tonne of time to win community support