Uni Tas big CBD sell

Chancellor Alison Watkins is fronting a multi-media campaign for the move into town

The campaign will roll in print, broadcast and social media. “Say yes to the Uni city move – let’s make Hobart an even better place to live, learn and work,” is the pitch.

The long-controversial plan involves the university selling off much of its suburban Sandy Bay campus and moving into flash new digs across the city-centre.

In a message to staff, Chancellor Watkins urges them to back the move, which, “will deliver contemporary facilities, improve access to higher education for Tasmanians, unify our southern campus, help secure the university’s financial future and provide significant benefits to the Hobart CBD.”

However opponents, including Sandy Bay residents, city businesses and university staff respond that the way things are now works and should remain.

After years of dispute university management looked to have finally won sufficient support, until May when Hobart City Council called on the university to consult some more.

An 80-member community panel will consider the plan through to year end (umpteen CMM stories but July 15 2022 sets the context).