Uni Sydney stands up for academic free speech

Uni Sydney Challis professor of jurisprudence, Wojciech Sadurski took to Twitter to criticise the Law and Justice Party which forms the Polish government, plus a public broadcaster

So, they are suing him in a Warsaw court, however, CMM suspects this has to do with much more than tweets. Professor Sadurski’s substantial scholarly work, Poland’s Constitutional Breakdown was published in May.

The suit strikes the new Australian Association of University Professors as outrageous (CMM yesterday) but where, CMM wondered, is the University of Sydney?

In Professor Sadurski’s corner, it turns out. Back in May VC Michael Spence wrote an open letter of support for Professor Sadurski making the what should be un-remarkable point, free speech is a “foundational value” of liberal democracy and that Uni Sydney “strongly supports the right of Professor Sadurski and all its academic staff to conduct research and engage in public debate on matters that pertain to their academic expertise.”

The university adds Dr Spence and DVC R Duncan Ivison “are in regular contact” with Professor Sadurski. They might need to increase the frequency if the case goes bad.


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