Uni Sydney sets canon-free HASS priorities

Annamarie Jagose announces “flagship themes” for humanities and social sciences researchers at the University of Sydney.

The FASS dean says the six themes were selected from the faculty’s 40 plus disciplines, “in a two-tiered process.” They are; * asset-based capitalism (“a fresh take” on housing affordability), “and the new forms of inequality it insidiously engenders. * what developments in biomedicine and biotechnology, mean for what is meant by ‘the human’. * research protocols for “community-led research“. * research on open-economies, “not typically considered in much economic policy analysis.” * “a post-human reconceptualisation of justice” and * “a HASS take” on human/machine interactions.

Gosh, a Ramsay western civ centre (which UniSydney management wants) would feel right at home.


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