Uni Sydney in (sort of) surplus this year

But there is still a proposed voluntary redundancy round, “towards easing the pressure on other areas of our expenditure”

Vice Chancellor Michael Spence proposed the round yesterday, assuring staff there is neither financial nor headcount target and, “we hope (it) will be the only staff measure” required.

The VC added that this is possible because savings and “exceptional work undertaken by staff to retain and attract students,” mean Uni Sydney will be in surplus this year, “relative to our revised budget.”

However, the “future remains uncertain” and international student numbers are expected to be down next year.” (Scroll down for more).

This means continuing savings which “cannot be sustained at anywhere near their current levels for the next three to four years.”

“The hiring freeze, no investment in infrastructure or equipment, restrictions on travel and other measures are already having an impact on many parts of the university. While it is clear that spending restraint will have to continue, it is essential that we ease some of these restrictions in key areas,” Dr Spence said.

Thus, savings from the proposed VR round, “will go towards easing the pressure on other areas of our expenditure, many of which have a direct impact on staff and their capacity to undertake research and teaching.”