Uni Southern Queensland sticks to a good thing in student recruitment

There’s another year of scholarships for high-ATAR achievers

They range from $6400 for school leavers with an ATAR of 84 and up, $20 000 for those with an ATAR of 88 and $29 000 (plus a study abroad option) for people with a 97 ATAR.

The offer applies to people who make Uni Southern Queensland their first choice with university admissions centres, (Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre apps just opened).

Acting VC Karen Nelson says the Academic Excellence Scholarships, are “a decisive move to keep students in the region and also attract students from metro areas to study at the University of Southern Queensland.”

“We want to build strong rural and regional communities, and we know that providing outstanding educational opportunities and careers right here in the region is the best way of doing just that.”

Which is pretty much what VC Geraldine MacKenzie said about the programme in 2020 (CMM May 26).

What is new is that the programme is now open to external/on-line students.

When, as Mortein, put it you’re on a good thing …