Uni SA wins new CRC

It is the lead partner in the new SAAFE Cooperative Research Centre, (as in Solving Antimicrobial Resistance in Agribusiness, Food and Environments)

Science and Technology minister, Melissa Price announced the award Friday, as the first of three in the 23rd round of CRCs. The round was decided just before caretaker kicked in (CMM April 6) and presumably word on the other two will follow during the campaign.

Still in the running are, proposed centres for * the care economy *sovereign manufacturing automation * intelligent manufacturing * ONE Basin (as in Murray-Darling)  and *plastic waste.

SAAFE has $34.5m in public funding, with 70 partners contributing $112m in cash and kind. Other participating universities are Curtin U, and Unis Queensland, WA and Wollongong, plus UTS. The MRI formerly known as Walter and Eliza Hall Institute is also involved.