Uni SA restructure: now for the hard part

Questions about a bold plan as workers worry

Uni SA plans to transform its academic structure, replacing discipline-based units with staff organised by teaching focus, in seven super-groups with 2200 and 4500 students and 100 to 280 FTE staff (CMM July 16). Vice Chancellor David Lloyd started discussions at the beginning of the year, which have involved hundreds of staff in open meetings. All appears to have gone well, until now.

Nerves had to happen as the process moved from abstract towards implementation and the National Tertiary Education Union wants to know about professional job losses and when a change process will be announced. “Currently professional and academic staff feel they have not been given enough information about how the changes will impact on their roles,” branch president Patrick O’Sullivan tells Provost Allan Evans.

CMM asked about this yesterday but the university declined to comment.


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