Uni Queensland VC Peter Hoj announces departure

Professor Hoj told the university’s senate last night that he would leave on June 30 next year

Chancellor Peter Varghese responded by praising the VC’s leadership in research and fund-raising, budgeting and operations during, “one of the most significant periods of change for the sector.”

The vice chancellor will leave before the conclusion of his second five-year term, having been reappointed in March 16. There is no word on what he may do next, but university observers suggest that after 13 years as a vice chancellor, first at the University of South Australia and now Uni Queensland he may not be keen on firm plans just yet.

Short of events now unforeseen Professor Hoj will go in glory.

In 2016 CMM suggested Professor Hoj had kept the university in the news, “for all the right reasons.” Student demand was strong, the university was rising in the research rankings and building strong corporate connections. Since then things have changed – for the better. For reputation and record of achievement CMM rates Uni Queensland as one of the country’s top five universities.

The university, states that for the remaining 13 months, Professor Høj will continue to deliver on the ambitious program of work that he has set for the university.”  Which means he has plenty of time to sort out the establishment, or not, of a Ramsay western civ degree.


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