Uni Queensland Ramsay talks roll-on

While management  assures staff it’s listening

Uni Queensland negotiations with the Ramsay Western Civ Centre regarding it funding a degree, roll on. But while Chancellor Peter Varghese and VC Peter Hoj are doing the talking with Ramsay the university is keen to show staff that management is listening.

Yesterday the university released a report on staff survey concerns re Ramsay, plus reasons why people should not worry. The biggest issues for staff are:

Broadening and diversifying curriculum” (139 people): The university states this is a work in progress, with humanities-social sciences and law staff working on a draft for the HASS Board of Studies meeting on April 9.

Reputational risk (110 staff raised it): “The university’s reputation is arguably likely to be enhanced and not diminish if we are viewed by external stakeholders as being even-handed in relation to all philanthropic partnerships,” management comments

Academic appointments (105 responses): in the university’s control, plus “external involvement on staff selection panels is not uncommon at UQ,” yesterday’s report states.

Tomorrow in CMM: A (very) learned reader reviews Uni Wollongong’s Ramsay degree syllabus and a UoQ draft.


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