Uni Queensland prepared for demonstration today

There’s a protest planned for today at the University of Queensland, opposing the Confucius Institute on campus

It follows last week’s confrontation between opponents and supporters of the Hong Kong protests. The organisers of today’s CI protest say the assembly point is the plaque commemorating people killed in the 1989 Tiananmen Square democracy movement.

And this time the university is better prepared, telling the campus community there is an investigation, “into the circumstances that led to the unacceptable actions by a small number of individuals against our students and staff” last week (CMM July 26). “The university has zero tolerance for violence and intimidation,” it adds.

The university also sets out protocols for today’s demonstration and assures the camps community, police and security will “respond to any safety concerns.”

The university also justifies its Confucius Institute, “to promote the learning of Chinese language and culture, and a broader understanding of China, at the University and in the community” and makes the point it needs to make and make again, that the CU does not teach degree courses.


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