Uni Queensland hon fellow’s book pulled for plagiarism

Publisher Elsevier has withdrawn The Periodic Table: Nature’s Building Block. (Retraction Watch broke the yarn).

The book is co-authored by Jacob Theo Kloprogge, a former QUT academic and now an honorary senior fellow in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Uni Queensland. The other authors are Concepcion P Ponce (Uni Philippines, Visayas) and  Tom A Loomis (Dakota Matrix).

The publisher states the book is withdrawn “due to a reported plagiarism issue regarding some of the material, and has been removed with full knowledge of the authors.”

CMM asked Uni Queensland if it intended to do anything about Dr Kloprogge’s affiliation and the university responded late Monday (8.20pn) that, it is “looking into this matter and will take the appropriate action once that process has been completed.”

Overnight Monday Dr Kloprogge’s Uni Queensland webpage required a university account to access.

Dr Kloprogge has not responded to a request for comment to his Uni Queensland email.