Uni Queensland announces savings while Uni SA delivers pay-rise  

In April UNI SA VC David Lloyd told staff that while things could get worse, at that stage, “we’ve got this”

It seems UniSA still has. In a new message to staff, Professor Lloyd says the enterprise agreement pay increase scheduled for June will go ahead, adding non-salary savings mean, “we can navigate our way through the rest of this year.”

“Any interventions for 2021 or beyond will be proportionate to the actual impact on our revenue and in-line with our strategic intent,” he adds.

And implemented in-line with the enterprise agreement, and in cooperation with the campus branch of the National Tertiary Education Union, “with whom we have enjoyed productive relations over many years now.”

However, as in his April message, the VC makes no promises on jobs he may not be able to keep, saying now, Uni SA is committed to “maintaining staffing levels to the best of our abilities.” But he does not rule out the possibility of “pausing” increment rises and reduced FTE fractions, as ways of preserving employment levels, which he mentioned as possible in April’s agenda (CMM April 20).

Overall however it is reassuring advice, “UniSA is very fortunate to have a better underlying financial position than some universities,” Professor Lloyd says.

Uni Queensland ok, for now

The university has made savings of $335m in capex, travel, recruitment for this year which VC Peter Hoj tells staff means, “we have been able to absorb the current reduction in revenue with minimal impact to our staff, teaching or research.”

But Professor Hoj warns “should future student intakes continue to be affected, starting with semester two this year, we will have no choice but to look at further measures.”

“I want to assure you that we will look at alternative measures to avoid or minimise job losses, particularly involuntary redundancies, as much as possible.”