Uni Newcastle’s international educ optimism

The university announces a pathway partnership with for-profit provider Kaplan

The International Pathway College will provide a “range of academic programmes”and an English-language course, providing students with, “the necessary foundation for studies at the university.” The college will be based at the university’s flash NUspace in Newcastle’s CBD.

With commendable optimism given the Prime Minister’s present Australians home first policy, the JV is scheduled to accept students in March. Classes are planned for face to face, “however we need to plan for on-line learning until we have certainty,” the university tells CMM.

Apparently, the college is, “a first strategic step towards a range of initiatives and pathways for our next international cohort of life-ready graduates.”

This appears part of a plan that (just) pre-dated the pandemic, to lift the university’s international enrolments, (CMM February 24).

It’s not the only international education initiative on Uni Newcastle’s patch.

Word is, work on another city site, for Nihon University, is on-track for end ’21. The plan is to bring students from Japan for study abroad semesters.