Uni Newcastle in the market for more international enrolments

The university wants a plan to pick up the recruitment pace

In 2017 Japan’s Nihon University bought property in downtown Newcastle for a study-abroad campus. Novocastrians suggest it encouraged the city’s university to look to make more of the international market. Back then internationals made up just 11 per cent of Uni Newcastle students.

The university now proposes student accommodation in a later stage of its riverside Honeysuckle campus, which is convenient to its new, and very flash, CBD teaching building, plus where Nihon will be.

But word is that for the moment not as much as hoped is happening on international numbers. Observers of campus life suggest that, COVID-19, aside there is also concern with projected demand from markets including India, Nigeria, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Dari Milanyi, ED International is said to have a plan, which was due to management on Friday.

Senior DVC Kevin Hall says with the 2020-25 strategy due next month, “all areas of the university are working on local plans to support organisational objectives.”

“Despite some static international student markets, we have seen modest growth in 2020 overall, but of course we can’t yet determine the full impact of COVID-19,” Professor Hall adds.