Uni Newcastle extends access

There will be new pathways to degrees next year

The university will teach pre-degree diplomas, with completion guaranteeing entry into “a selection” of UG degrees, with credit.

Starting next year there will be diplomas in arts-social sciences, biz, engineering, built environment, science and environmental science, IT and education.

The diplomas include first year subjects and “supported pathway courses.” They are offered in combinations of in-person on-campus, on-line and blended study.

The university states there are entry requirements, but “required selection ranks” are lower than for degrees and there are alternatives to the ATAR.

The diplomas are on-load, qualify for HELP and will be taught by Uni Newcastle staff.

They add to the university’s suite of pathway programmes, presumably to meet a need for access to HE for people uncomfortable with the prospect of diving straight into a degree. Uni Newcastle has long been big in enabling programmes, access and equity.