Uni New England vice chancellor Heywood resigns

There was no mention of regret in the university’s announcement of her departure

UNE chancellor James Harris announced VC Brigid Heywood’s resignation late Friday. It came after confirmation of months of speculation in the university community – that Professor Heywood was being investigated by police for alleged assault. Jessica Warboys on local NBN TV broke the news last Tuesday that she had been charged.

“In this context Professor Heywood formed the view that it was in the best interest of the university that she resign from her position and the University Council has accepted her decision,” Mr Harris stated.

He added that while Professor Heywood “strenuously denies” the charges and will defend them, she and the Council, “acknowledge the deep hurt felt by many on hearing of the charges.”

“The University Council wants to clearly state that it remains deeply committed to fostering a safe, inclusive and respectful environment for its students, staff and community at all times.”

DVC Simon Evans will act as VC and Michael Wilmore will be acting DVC.

Professor Heywood is due to appear in court on September 26.