Uni Melbourne works on social media

It’s been four days since a ranking but relax there’s a new issue of one that is different (no surveys, just stats)

Uni Melbourne leads Edurank for February. The UK analytics outfit measures university brand (audience size) and performance (user-growth, posts engagement) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.  The principality of Parkville is in top spot on both brand and performance, ahead of UNSW and Uni Sydney. No surprises here – the three have big social media presences.

But it gets interesting after that. The next three have a less to work with, in terms of content-volume and brand-bulk – Swinburne U, Uni SA and La Trobe U. They are ahead of much bigger organisations, Uni Queensland seventh and Monash U, ninth (RMIT is eight).

While social media mavens explain this is the result of search engine optimisation and what not it might be down to good stories cleverly told and artful messages, well-packaged.

The Academy of Science demonstrates how it is done. Back in 2018 it cracked a million Facebook likes, five times it’s US equivalent, (CMM October 5) and it now has 2.1m followers. Creating content that people want to watch and read will do that.