Uni Melbourne wins-big in new NHMRC grants

The National Health and Medical Research Council has announced, in an understated way, $70m in new funding

There is a link to an Excel table in CEO Anne Kelso’s budget www page.

It is research funding as normal with the big five winning most of the grants so far this year. Uni Melbourne wins 68 grants, followed by Uni Sydney, 48, Monash U 36, UNSW 30 and Uni Queensland, 27. Their total share is 209 of 320.

With the new funding, institutions (excluding those submitting less than five bids) with a YTD 10 per cent plus grant success rate are.

ANU, three (10.7 per cent). Baker IDI, five (17.2 per cent). Burnet Institute, five (31.3 per cent).

Centre for Eye Research, one (14.3 per cent).  Curtin U, three (15 per cent). Deakin U, eight (17.4 per cent).

Griffith U, five (11.9 per cent). Menzies School of Health Research, five (55.6 per cent). Monash U, 36 (14.7 per cent).

Murdoch CRI, seven (13.5 per cent). QIMR Berghofer MRI, six (15.4 per cent). RMIT, two (16.7 per cent).

St Vincent IMR, one (14.3 per cent). Uni Melbourne, 68 (25.7 per cent). UNSW, 30 (12 per cent).

Uni Newcastle, seven (14.6 per cent). Uni Queensland, 27 (16 per cent). Uni Sydney, 48 (19.2 per cent).

WSU, two (25 per cent). Victoria U, one (20 per cent). Walter and Eliza Hall, ten (20 per cent).