Uni Melbourne steps up for casuals

Many unis intend to pay casual staff  for work on what is now the QEII commemoration public holiday if  it can’t be rescheduled– Uni Melbourne is doing more

The Australian Higher Education Industrial Association, which represents most universities, recommends,

“only casual employees with regular rostered work to be performed on the day should be considered for payment and;

“payment should only be made if the work is unable to be rescheduled to another day.”

Which as far as CMM can tell, many universities are doing.

But Uni Melbourne is doing more, saying it recognises casuals scheduled to work on what is now the Thursday national holiday “were relying on the anticipated income.” The university will accordingly pay them, “even where the hours of work can be rescheduled and separately paid for work done on another day.”

Wise, very wise. Given the university is being investigated by the Fair Work Ombudsman for underpaying casual staff and separately faces court action by the Ombudsman, generosity can not hurt.