Uni Melbourne says no to wages-conditions accord

The university says the union-vice chancellor proposal to protect jobs by temporarily reducing staff benefits is not needed

In an announcement Friday afternoon management advises, the accord “is not in the best interests of the university and its workforce … and will not participate.”

Uni Melbourne adds the deal “contains provisions that it has no interest in pursuing – such as stand downs, forced leave, forced reduction of hours, large pay cuts of up to 15 per cent and deferral of incremental progression – and believes there is no value in asking staff to vote on changes to employment conditions that it has no intention of making.”

Uni Melbourne, as with Australian Catholic U (CMM Friday), is not inclined to accept oversight of specific university agreements by a national committee, including National Tertiary Education Union representatives.

So, staff now know the reductions to conditions that management has “no intention of making.” However, persons from Parkville note the reference to “large pay cuts” being out does not necessarily mean smaller ones are off the agenda.