Uni Melbourne orders staff back to campus

But not necessarily five days a week

In a message to staff Provost Nicola Phillips, acting as VC, acknowledges “some of you may feel some uncertainty and perhaps even some anxiety about resuming work on campus.”

That might, Uni Melbourne observers suggest, be because people have been reading the university’s “campus impacts” list of locations where a confirmed COVID-19 COVID-19 case was while infectious.  The February 7th issue details 63 occasions since January 17-18.

Or it might be, as Professor Phillips puts it, “following the prolonged periods of working from home, many of us have not only overcome the challenges of working remotely but have also enjoyed different ways of working and increased flexibility.”

But return they must, “our campuses remain our principal place of work. Being part of campus life is how we can all play our part in creating a vibrant and supportive scholarly community, where both students and staff thrive, “ she states.

For people still working from home, the transition starts February 28 but perhaps they should not dismantle the home office. While not fixed for all, “as a rule of thumb, the intention is that staff will work on campus for three days a week.”

This might be a new norm – Uni SA is looking at three days on campus as standard (CMM yesterday).  But, why observers ask , while Omicron continues at Uni Melbourne and why three days?