Uni financial results: some look better than they want to admit

None come close to Uni Sydney’s $1.04bn headline surplus last year  or even the $453m it prefers to admit to (CMM yesterday) – but  Uni Newcastle and Western Sydney U did ok

NSW university annual reports were tabled in state parliament, Monday and Tuesday, including;

Macquarie U

Total revenue was $1.18bn up 2.6 per cent on 2020 with the university announcing a net result of $62m. On-shore international student fee income was down $50m, to $242m but this was offset by a $72m decline in staff costs.  2019 employment was 3833, which fell to 3737 in 2020 and 3392 in 2021.

Uni Newcastle

Excluding subsidiaries, total earnings were $944.7m up from $794.9 in 2020. This was driven in large part by investment income, $152.2m last year compared to $31.7m in 2020. Costs were down, from $789.1m in 2020 to $761.7 last year. This appears largely due to savings on staff, $472.9m in 2020 and $453.2m in 2021.

However the university is keen to make it known that without investments, the university made a $1.9m loss. Uni Newcastle group’s investments total $625.6m.

Uni Wollongong

Reports $814m in income, up from $785m in 2020, however without abnormals earnings last year were $740m for an underlying loss of $21m. Overall staff costs were down 6 per cent on 2020, to $444m. Academics accounted for all the saving (11 per cent lower) while professional staff costs increased slightly. UoW reports FTE staff numbers were 2934 in 2019 and 2546 last year.

Western Sydney U

Total 2021 income from the university’s parent group was $961m, up from $887m in 2020. Outlays were down $27m, to $838m, for a net result of $122m, $101m up on ’20. The savings mainly came from $20m lower staff costs.