Uni Canberra’s Saini delivers on promised assistant prof review

The review of Uni Canberra’s assistant professor scheme is set to start

Vice Chancellor Deep Saini has announced members and terms of reference for the review.  Uni Newcastle DVC Kevin Hall is chair, joined by, Marie Carroll (UniSydney). Workplace relations expert Graham Smith is an external consultant and Reena Ghildya, from Uni Canberra is internal consultant.

“We have used input from the assistant professors, staff and the National Tertiary Education Union to develop the scope of the review,” Professor Saini says.

ToR’s include, conditions of employment, frameworks for reviews and promotions, and “assessing if workload and performance-based remuneration encourages work/life balance.”

The scheme is unpopular with the campus union, professoriate (CMM October 19) and some assistant profs, one of whom lodged an occ heath grievance about it. ( CMM February 1)

The cream of the complaints is that staff in the scheme have seven years to generate the big bunch of research over seven years required to qualify for continuing employment.

In January Professor Saini said he saw “no compelling reason” to give it up but he was happy to hear how it could be improved.


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