Uni Adelaide plan to be heart of its city

The University of Adelaide executive is not mucking around, away from campus today planning implementation of the new strategic plan, announced Monday.

The plan proposes putting the university at the heart of its city, physically by literally opening the gates to all interested and intellectually by developing research and teaching that are a foundation for the state’s economic and social growth. Change goals include:

* “an expanded cohort of students from overseas, more representative of the world’s cultures”

* more diverse staff and students, “in terms of demography, culture and background”

* “a major boost” in research income and “enhanced partnerships with key industry sectors

* an “increased cohortstudying on-line and “a significant expansion” in the proportion of students in short-courses.

The new plan does not involve substantial structural change however Uni Adelaide will create three “virtual colleges,” of technology, society and sustainability, to connect research and teaching across existing faculties and institutes.

Vice Chancellor Peter Rathjen says the plan, “challenges our university to realise its potential for the state and to claim our place as the truly global 21st century university for South Australia.

All three public universities in SA now have major change underway. At Flinders U, a comprehensive restructure of academic and administrative functions, involving significant staff changes is nearly complete. Last month the University of South Australia announced a reorganisation of academic operating units to collect around teaching programmes and research instead of scholarly disciplines.


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