Uni Adelaide achievement awards

VC Peter Høj presented them yesterday

 research: * Roger Byard (Health and Medical Sciences) * Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem (Sciences)

research, professional staff: Miles Davies (Maths)

research, early career: Dominic McAfee (Sciences)

research team: Dale Godfrey, Cadence Haynes, Nicole Moore, Khloe Xu, Sanjee Peiris, Lauren Champs, Louise Moore, Lynette Kelly (Research and Innovation)

student experience: Adrian Koerber (Maths)

student experience, team: Doreen Krumbiegel, Snezana Ilic, Ann-Louise Primiero, Antoinette Brincat, Rosie Wilkes, Diana Reed, Barbara Little, Nazia Hussain, Helen Nagel, Emma Aucote, Clementine Hill, Sarah Ward, Michelle Tatyzo, Tricia Catford, Kristina Hoffman, Linda Katselis, Darlene Truong, Dascey Crouch, Erin Smith, Charlotte Le Lan, Monica Kerr, Melanie Lewis, Jake Kroker, Clare Govett, Donna Gould, Janelle Palmer, Jordan Peters, Heather Soutar, Libby Hamilton

leadership: Ben Sparrow (Biological Sciences)

service innovation:  Tony Cambareri (Health and Medical Sciences) * Jane Smart-Foster, Matthew Piantadosi, Melissa Totino, Irene Bartolo, Alice RobinsonVanessa Jones, Tanya Seagrim, Jane Welch (Enterprise Agreement variation team)

community building: Gill Stuart, Louise O’Reilly, Tom Brown, Ashleigh Folland, Sasha Oelsner, Luke Van Trigt, Rhiannon Taverner, Wee-Ching Kong, Jo Marshall, Julia Miller, Michelle McLeod, Kat Sibly (Engineering, Computer and Maths)

equity, diversity, inclusion: Sarah Bilney (Professions)

exceptional contribution:  Chien-Li Holmes-Liew (Medical School and Royal Adelaide Hospital