“Unforeseen circumstances” delay Charles Sturt U’ annual report

It is due to “on-going discussions with the NSW Audit Office,” Interim VC John Germov tells staff

The report was not tabled in the NSW parliament, along with other universities (CMM May 31) but Professor Germov says it, “will be published in the coming weeks” and “will show that our 2020 operating results have favourably exceeded earlier forecasts and as previously reported, we remain on track to return to a balanced budget by the end of the year.”

So, what is there to discuss? Maybe the Audit Office does not like the font, CMM has no clue. All the university says is that there have been “unforeseen circumstances,” (CMM June 8)

But if discussions about said circumstances become robust, Professor Germov could always follow Peter Lee’s lead when the then VC of another regional, Southern Cross U, was unhappy with an Audit Office judgement. “Southern Cross University accepts that the Auditor General is developing its understanding of the sector and the nuances of performance reporting,” he said (CMM June 4 2014).