Unequal UQ’s for teachers of English

Despite more money for teaching at Uni Queensland (CMM yesterday) the news there isn’t all good – at least not for people teaching English

But then again, bad news isn’t new for them. The Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education had a tough 2020 as COVID-19 shut down new demand for courses. A university brief states ICTE enrolments fell from 10 000 in 2019 to 2000 last year.

And so management responded with moves to save money, 24 professional staff went last year, leaving 36 teachers and academic managers and 14 administrators.

The university now proposes moving ICTE into the wholly university-owned pathway provider UQCollege, which will recruit 35 people from ICTE’s remaining staff. But while those who move will remain under the university’s enterprise agreement ,any new (most likely casual hires) will be employed under the less staff-friendly Educational Services (Post-Secondary Education) Modern Award.