Two wins for Uni Newcastle

Another deal in Thailand

Uni Newcastle announces a two-degree programme with the snappily titled University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and consultants Nurture Higher Education. It allows business and commerce students to earn a Uni Newcastle degree in Thailand, or transfer to UoN in Singapore or Australia, with full credit for completed subjects.

It follows a Uni Newcastle MOU signed in July with the Thai Chulabhorn Royal Academy, to develop four-year degree in medical innovation and engineering taught in Australia and Thailand, (CMM July 17).

A new ARC research centre

The university is to host the new Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals. For readers who share CMM ‘s cluelessness on what this means, apparently, it is about, making mining more, “efficient for mineral separation, minimising losses of high-value minerals, developing new ways to remove solids from waste stream tailings and maximising water recovery.”

Uni Newcastle has long-established expertise in increasing the efficiency of mineral processing. The university’s much-honoured Graeme Jameson’s cell extracts minerals for waste streams


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