Two virus tales of one city

The University of Canberra tells 380 students in China they will be deferred this semester

Uni Canberra has set a March 2 deadline for students to be on campus, with DVC A Geoff Crisp frankly stating that on-line options for them will not work.

“Due to complications from the Chinese firewall, access to study materials and the multiple variations of individual student’s study plans, we would rather ensure our students continue to receive the high-quality face-to-face experience offered here at UC, instead of an online version of our career-focused degrees with practical work-integrated-learning units,” he said.

The announcement now is due to Uni Canberra having an earlier than other institutions semester start. The university is in a better state than some, with close to half its 800 students from the PRC already in Australia.

While ANU says theirs can study on-line

ANU starts semester as planned on February 24 and for students stuck in China newly promoted DVC A Grady Venville says, “we have more than 600 courses available for your remote participation.”

The university’s Q&A for students who can’t get to Canberra also promises;

“the opportunity to participate in programs designed to help you in your degree from overseas. This is to help you develop your academic writing skills and includes content on life in Australia and wellbeing while studying.”

Shame about people missing the commencement ceremony and BBQ – not even ANU can create a cyber-space sausage sizzle.