Tudge warns education faculties on funding

The education minister says the Government will use “the full leverage” of the $760m it provides “to insist that evidence-based practises are taught”

 Federal Education Minister Alan Tudge has slammed education faculties saying, “we have seen ideology and fads dominate instructional practice in our universities’ education faculties, instead of evidence-based practices.”

“Ensuring that every student training to be a teacher is equipped with the toolkit to be highly impactful in the classroom, “is his “top priority,” Mr Tudge said in a speech on Friday.

The minister added “ideological resistance” in teacher training has limited the classroom-use of “two highly effective teaching methods,” – explicit instruction and phonics.

And he warned education faculties, “if you are not adequately preparing student teachers to become effective classroom teachers using evidence-based practices, you should not be in the business of teacher education.

“If necessary, the Government will use the full leverage of the $760 million it provides to education faculties to insist that evidence-based practices are taught.

Mr Tudge’s warning comes ahead of the Quality Initial Teacher Education Review which is due this month.

However, Michele Simons (Western Sydney U), president of the Australian Council of Deans of Education, responded researchers and academics are waiting on the review, and, “it is important that, that any new reforms do not undermine the significant gains that have been made in building this research-led approach to accrediting ITE programmes.

“Accreditation panels play close attention to all aspects of ITE programs to ensure that only those that meet these standards are accredited. This includes the requirement for ITE providers to draw on research evidence to inform the ongoing development and quality assurance of their programs, in addition to ensuring that Graduate Teachers are able to exercise professional judgement and become discerning adopters of research in their practice.”