Times Higher subject rankings signal Asian unis arriving

Times Higher Education has announced four new global subject rankings. The US and UK dominate the global top 20s but Hong Kong, China and Singapore institutions are appearing, where Australia is not. The global top 20 institutions include:

Social Sciences: Oxford (1), Harvard and MIT (=2), Stanford (4), Princeton (5). No ANZ universities made the cut.

Law: Duke (1), Stanford (2), Yale (3), Chicago (4), Cambridge (5). The University of Melbourne is 7th.

Education: Stanford (1), Harvard (2), Oxford (3), Hong Kong (4), UCal Berkeley (5). The Chinese University of Hong Kong also ranks, at 20th.

Business and Economics: Stanford (1), MIT (2), Oxford (3) London Business School (4) and Cambridge (5). The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is 14th, the National Univesity of Singapore is 16th and Peking University is 17th.



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