Times change at Uni Wollongong

The university is pleased indeed that alumnus Misha Zelinsky is awarded a Fulbright Professional Scholarship, congratulating him via Twitter, yesterday

“Whether open and free societies prevail against closed and autocratic regimes will be the defining challenge of our lifetimes,” Mr Zelinsky says in an UoW magazine .

It makes a contrast to 2014 when he and the university were not as one on the importance of speaking –up.

Back then Mr Zelinsky was a member of the university council and was quoted in the local Illawarra Mercury criticising then VC Paul Wellings for supporting Christopher Pyne’s deregulation plan (CMM June 30 2014), To which the university replied that Mr Zelinsky, “has obligations to the university council and that as a council member he is not in a position to speak for other council members as per the University of Wollongong Act and the Council Code of Conduct. He has been reminded of this by email via the council secretariat” (CMM July 4 2014).