Ticks for changing student places plan

The government’s idea for universities to swap sub degree and masters on load places (CMM yesterday) is deep in the weeds, as experts work out how it would work what’s in it for their institution

But big-picture policy people like the vision.

Universities Australia Chief Executive Catriona Jackson is positive about “more flexibility for universities to meet student demand by moving designated places between categories.”
“It makes sense to give universities greater freedom to shift places between categories to meet demand from both prospective and current students. We look forward to continuing discussions with government on the detail of these proposals.”

Conor King from the Innovative Research Universities is open to the ideas; “university swops and deals. Who knows – let’s test this out, focus our minds at the possible advantages – and avoid the silly options. In a ministerially driven system, the best minister is one who thinks systemically, not locally. Letting unis drive use of places allocated ensures better use,” he tweeted yesterday.


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