Ticket to ride for UNSW

The university is pleased indeed with Sydney’s new light-rail line

The line, opening Saturday (with a second branch in the new year) will connect the Kensington campus to the Sydney rail-system and CBD.

“UNSW proudly welcomes this more efficient and environmentally sustainable transport option,” the uni announces. This is a big and free, win for the university a vast improvement on the fleet of lumbering busses that transport students from Sydney’s Central rail station

But as free riding goes it does not compare to Macquarie U’s good fortune, now on a metro-line servicing its north-shore/north-west heartland – with a cross-harbour rail tunnel and a connection to Sydney’s southwest in 2024. Western Sydney U is also on track for mass-transit, with light rail and a new western metro planned to service some of its campuses. It must be giving Uni Sydney management conniptions – with campus a solid walk from an over-capacity Redfern rail station.


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