Deconstructing tangible learning outcomes



Yes, 2020 brought challenges, but it has also opened opportunities in the learning and teaching space based on two key things: the need to teach and learn differently, and a willingness to try different approaches.

The academics in the Student Learning Support Services at Flinders University are focusing on clarifying the value of resources that support learning and getting them closer to students when they need them.

There are three key components to our approach.

* we shifted the paradigm: instead of leaving it up to a student to find our resources, we directly layered them via colour-coded hyperlinks on to an assessment rubric

* we worked backwards from an expected final product – for example, an essay – and deconstructed the building blocks students need to put it together. These blocks are colour coded and grouped within themes to simplify how tools such as “sentence structure” and “idea synthesis” are related.

* we implemented a series of metrics and student feedback parameters that allow us to improve the resources, link resource use with performance and learning outcomes, and create a series of badges that motivate students and generate pride in learning. This last component relies on learning analytics methods to help improve student outcomes and support students in their learning how to learn.

Here is a short video example of superimposing learning resources onto a rubric as piloted in 2020. This method has been very well received by lecturers and students alike, as it helps clarify expectations and connects learning skills with learning objectives and subject matter. Indirectly it encourages lecturers to advertise the learning support services that are commonly found in all Australian universities.

This is not the last word in delivering just-in-time targeted assistance for assessment, just a promising approach bringing students, learning expectations, support, and academics closer together.


Associate Professor Pablo Munguia, Associate Director, Student Learning Support Service, Flinders University [email protected]

Dr Lauren Butterworth, Associate Lecturer, Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching, Flinders University [email protected]

Ms Jane Habner,  Associate Lecturer, Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching, Flinders University [email protected]


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