Thin applause for NHMRC’s major OA move

Open Access Australasia was quick to endorse the National Health and Medical Research Council’s new open access (from publication) policy (CMM yesterday)

“I applaud the NHMRC for their leadership. The policy which embraces diversity, rights retention and creative commons licensing is a benchmark in the region. We are hopeful that other research funders and government in Australasia follow their lead soon,” chair Kim Tairi (Auckland Uni Tech) said.

So was the Australian Academy of Science , “we welcome this new policy, particularly the removal of the 12-month embargo. The policy places Australia in step with international developments, especially in the US and Europe, and will assist with the sharing of health and medical science for the benefit of all Australians.”

But that was about it –medical research lobbies, vocal when it comes to demanding more money for members, are so far silent.