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In Features this morning

Up the Crick with plenty of paddles. Merlin Crossley (UNSW) visits the Francis Crick Institute in London. He finds a model of research enterprise – one that Australia should learn from.

plus There’s talk of the Accord creating a unified tertiary system – New Zealand demonstrates it can be done, just not fast or easily. Roger Smyth explains HERE, HERE and HERE.

and Sean Brawley and colleagues on how Uni Wollongong is learning to live with risk. Another instalment in their series on how the university restructured to revitalise admin, HERE

with Sarah O’Shea (Curtin U) reminds us that the Accord should address a fundamental purpose of universities: creating better societies. New in Commissioning Editor Sally Kift’s celebrated series, Needed now in learning and teaching

as well as Karen Gravet, Rola Ajjawi and Sarah O’Shea on the different way students feel they belong, and why they matter. Also a new Sally selection,