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In Expert Opinion

Tim Winkler (HEJobs) talks to Mike Thelwall (Uni Wolverhampton) about the compounding power of research citations and why young researchers should pal-up for publications with hi-cited, if not particularly productive authors, HERE.

Plus Mr Winkler considers their conversation,HERE.

And in Features

International Women’s Day offs and Dawn Gilmore (RMIT) sets out issues and options for university women. Commissioning Editor Sally Kift’s new selection, HERE

plus Paul Harris from the Innovative Research Universities makes the case for another impact and engagement exercise HERE

with Sean Brawley and Richard Cook (Uni Wollongong) on restructuring services for continuous improvement, HERE

and International students enrolling in universities and then switching to lower cost providers is costing unis $60m, Mahsood Shah (Swinburne U) and James Collins (Education Centre Australia) report on how it happens and what needs to be done HERE

joined by Merlin Crossley (UNSW) on why universities should  speak up for the Voice to Parliament.