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In Features this morning

Merlin Crossley (UNSW) makes the case for invigilated exams – they are to assessment what the Erg is to rowing.

and, Sunday was National Teachers Day in Vietnam, where people believe Người ta không thể làm gì nehu không có giáo dục is a statement to live by. Claire Macken (RMIT Vietnam) explains what it means and why it matters – here as well as there.

plus, Angel Calderon on the new HiCi researchers list and what it means for some Australian universities on the next ARWU.

with, Erica Wilson and Thomas Roche (Southern Cross U) on the university’s revolution in learning and teaching. Commissioning Editor Sally Kift’s new selection for her celebrated Needed Now series

And in Expert Opinion

Samantha Hall (Campus Intuition) on students returning to campus, what they want, what they will do and why the UK does it different, HERE.