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In Features this morning

Merlin Crossley (UNSW) on why digital course content doesn’t last and why creating content will depend on great teachers combining discipline specific knowledge, technical digital know-how and a love of teaching.

with Angel Calderon on the new Times Higher ranking, the ins and outs of where is up and down and what matters most (and doesn’t) @ HERE.

and Tim Winkler (Twig Marketing) on outrage over early uni offers and why it misses the point

plus Lynne Hunt (Uni Southern Queensland) and Denise Chalmers (UWA) on the loss of learning resources for uni teachers. This week’s selection by Commissioning Editor Sally Kift.

And Expert Opinion on Open Data

Mark Hahnel (Figshare) suggests, “a future of ubiquitous research data publishing in academia is in reach. It may prove to be a step change in knowledge discovery if all stakeholders continue to push for unobstructed, equitable data publishing with high quality metadata for humans and machines.” As long, that is, as researchers want their data to be open. He, talks about it HERE.