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In Features this morning

Peter Woelert (Uni Melbourne) on administration burdens in universities – the where and why and what can be done. “What may look like increased administrative efficiency if one looks from the top-down may actually look considerably less so the case if one looks from the bottom-up,” he writes

plus Brett Mason has written a book on the achievements of great Aus scientists, Florey and Oliphant. John Byron (QUT) rates it, really rates it – HERE.

with the Australian Collaborative Education Network Board on stakeholder engagement in the next strategy for work integrated learning. This week’s selection by Commissioning Editor Sally Kift for her celebrated series, Needed now in learning and teaching.

and in Expert Opinion

Brett Mason talks about his new book on the achievements of Florey and Oliphant (episode 17 HERE)

plus Virginia Barbour (Open Access Australasia) on the National Health and Medical Research Council’s big open access move, (episode 16) HERE .