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In Expert Opinion, Kelly Matthews (Uni Queensland ) on the changing challenges and opportunities in teaching

“My sense is that every student deserves to walk into a classroom, to get on-line, whatever that looks like and have someone who knows the basics of education, the basics of teaching. I don’t think it is enough to say we will have  a certain class of academics who focus on this – we have got to have raise the skill-set across all teaching academics.” (episode 14) HERE.

also in EO, Claire Field on what’s next for VET following the Jobs and Skills Summit  (episode 13 HERE)

and in Features

The Australian Collaborative Education Network Board on quality outcomes of work integrated learning and why it must involve students. New in Commissioning Editor Sally Kift’s celebrated series, Needed now in learning and teaching

with Mahsood Shah (Swinburne U) on the message in international student satisfaction survey scores. Institutions must do better.