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In Features this morning

Dawn Gilmore (RMIT) and Chin Nguyen (Curio) set out pros and cons to make on-line learning partnerships work. This week’s excellent selection in Commissioning Editor Sally Kift’s celebrated series ,Needed now in learning and teaching.

plus AI in teaching and student support is imminent. Josiah Koh (Open Polytechnic NZ), Michael Cowling and Meena Jha (CQU), and Kwong Nui Sim (Auckland UT) explain what’s about to happen as learning packages create the base for educational intelligence.

with Merlin Crossley (UNSW) on research sophistication, students should not be paying all the bill.

and in Expert Opinion

Angel Calderon (RMIT) explains the new Leiden research rankings – why it’s the one the experts rate and what the new edition means for Aus unis

Josiah Koh and colleagues talk about what AI can deliver for teaching and learning and student support

Both (and all the other episodes) are HERE