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In Features this morning

Merlin Crossley (UNSW) on  student cheating and what to do about it.

“Given limited resources we will have to prioritise. One possibility is that we might prioritise investing more in programmatic – senior year – assessments, and rely on “assumed knowledge” in the early years. It may be foolish to attempt to grade everything, and certify every learning outcome in each educational snack from cradle to grave.”

Kirsty Abbott and Amanda-Jane George (both CQU) explain what’s in the government’s new patent box for university researchers. Perhaps not a lot, ‘The general conclusion from existing research,” they warn, “is that similar schemes often do not achieve their desired effects of encouraging innovation or local research and development,” they suggest.

PlusJames Guthrie (Macquarie U) crunches the numbers on Uni Wollongong’s tough 2020 – a financial loss and jobs gone.

AndMatt Bower (Macquarie U) and Penny Van Bergen warn the Federal Government has abandoned innovation in learning and teaching. Their’s is this week’s piece in Commissioning Editor Sally Kift‘s celebrated series, Needed now in teaching and learning.